The Pediatric Medication Dosing Solution
by Bernard Pegis, MD

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PedDrugDose is a widely used application which helps the health care professional dose oral liquid pediatric medications. There is a Windows Executable version, an Online version and a Mobile version (Compare Versions).

While at first glance, dosing pediatric medications may seem like a relatively straightforward task, there are a number of mistakes which are often made. Medication dosing errors are entirely too common (approximately 4,000,000 per year in the US! (see slide 17)) and as medical care "evolves" in this country, we are forced to spend less and less time with our patients.  Since correctly calculating a dose takes time, shortcuts are often made, sometimes with devastating results. (more...)


A Few Articles about Pediatric Medication Dosing Errors
(I am not a co-author of these - they are here to help highlight the problem)
  • IPSQWHIT: Measuring the Quality Improvements Associated with Decision Support in Pediatrics. Slide Presentation from the AHRQ 2008 Annual Conference (by Dr. Timothy Ferris, Harvard Medical School). [Text] [PowerPoint]

  • Potential Medication Dosing Errors in Outpatient Pediatrics. Journal of Pediatrics - Volume 147, Issue 6 (December 2005) [LinkHub] [Full Text (MDConsult)]

  • Errors in the Use of Medication Dosage Equations. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 1998;152: 340-344.[Abstract]

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  • Medication Errors Among Acutely Ill and Injured Children Treated in Rural Emergency Departments. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2007; 50(4) (October, 2007) [MDConsult]

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